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Bushcraft Parties.

These parties are suitable for guests aged from 5 upwards and who are able to be left with our staff for the 3 hour duration. We have defined three age ranges for children's parties but will often add and remove activities depending on how well they get on with them, so, in some cases younger children will carry out elements form older parties. Details for 5th and 6th birthday parties can be found here , 7th to 11th parties can be found here and parties for 12 and upwards can be found here.

Bushcraft Parties for younger children (Recommended for 5th and 6th Birthdays).

For our younger guests we spend a little while breaking the ice and getting to know each other before embarking on a journey to Eric's Place where we encounter a damaged fairy village that needs rebuilding. The children learn how to build and furnish a fairy house before being introduced to the sneezing dragons which cause mayhem in the fairy village. "1...2...3... Fly away fairies", "3...2...1...Atishoo" and the houses get set alight by those naughty dragons. There is one rule in Eric's place. A burning fairy house must be used to toast marshmallows. After a bit of a break for juice and biscuits the children become fairies themselves and build their own full sized fairy houses complete with camp fires to warm their wings around. Lunch is cooked on the camp fires and then we return to reality with the arrival of the cake and singing Happy Birthday before they tiredly, yet still a little excited, depart.

Bushcraft Parties for older children (Recommended for 7th to 11th Birthdays).

For older guests we spend time breaking the ice and then embark on age appropriate pioneering quests, either surviving on a desert island and navigating around the whole woodland to find stuff or heading towards The Other Place to set up camp for the day. Everybody learns bushcraft skills and lights their own fire and builds group shelters either with or without tools and knots and lashings depending on the age. There is always plenty to drink and snacks for when they are reminded to stop for a break. After a second skill or continuation of the first, depending on the wishes of the Birthday child, everybody cooks their own birthday snack before returning to base for cake and departure.

Survival Parties / Events for pre-teen and older adventurers (Recommended for 12 and upwards).

We know every one thinks they can do what they see on TV or on the web but can you really? Why not come and try? Your group will be instructed in a scenario and taught the approprite bushcraft skills before being thrown out to do it with as much or as little assistance as you need. The oldest party person so far was >60 and the Hen and Stag overnights are popular requests.

Bushcraft Party Booking and prices.

To request a party slot click here. Please note that we need at least 3 weeks notice to provide a party even if dates are showing as available for requests.

A 3 hour party costs £160.78 inc VAT for the party person and 11 guests (12 in total). Extra guests are charged at £8.00 inc VAT per head. The normal size of a party is between 12 and 20. More than 20 means that it becomes more of a school trip where everything is demonstrated by adults and there is too little time for hands on experience. We provide a pack of invitations within a week of booking and on the day provide drinks (cold squash and / or hot chocolate), biscuits and the children all cook bushwhacker pizzas and marshmallows. You need to bring a cake and party bags should you wish. Parents of the party child are welcome to stay although most don't but we request that the parents of guests arrange to drop off and collect without staying. We take in the region of 150 to 200 photographs of the party with all main events covered and portraits of every child. These photos are made available to all parents by linking securely to our Dropbox account. To see a sample photo gallery please click here.