Merry Berry Workshops

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Every year as Summer changes to Autumn we hold the Merry Berry series of workshops. They are aimed at complete novices and we can provide everything for you so you arrive as an enthusiastic family and depart with your first batch of whatever it is we are making, all the knowledge required to do it again and if there are consumable items we include those in the price and any jars, bottles, fermenters and other bits and pieces can be kept for future years experiments in your own merry berry foraging. Some workshops are simple turn up, pay and play. Others are booked events, especially those where the equipment is expensive to provide. For the most part the limit on attendance is 10 families at a time although sometimes there are bottle necks, especially if, for instance, we are only able to run one apple press. For some workshops there is a bit of pre homework to be done. If you are bringing apples, freeze them and defrost them before you get here. There will be no need to chop them before putting them in the crushers if they have been frozen and defrosted. If you have your own bottles, rinse and sterilise them at home. We will have all our kit sterile for the event.

Due to the seasonal nature of these workshops, sometimes they run for weeks at a time, sometimes, as with 2018 Hazel Harvest, they are cancelled due to there being nothing to harvest.

Unless specified and running in the evening, these workshops are family events and fruit will need picking, if only to replace what we have taken from our own freezers to support the workshop.