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As part of his previous existence our Chief Instructor wrote many courses for the military, both in the UK and other NATO nations. He has constructed a single course which is easy to teach and which allows the 3 listed qualifications to fall out after the prerequisite number of hours or modules. it is designed to ensure that no matter which of the three qualifications a student chooses, they will benefit from an extremely in depth treatment of the the skills and knowledge required to pass.

We have found that the best way to teach is to immerse the student in the subject with few distractions, so we run residential weekends and night school at our woodland in Stapleford, Cheshire. Level 1 Bushcraft should span 3 weekends. Level 2 Bushcraft should span 4 weekends and IOL BCC is done in 2. There is an option of mixing weekends with evenings too with Monday and Wednesday being bushcraft night, from 18:30 until 21:30.

The concept is that very little kit is required to start and the student builds up what they want as we go through the lessons. We are not kit monsters and don't advocate owning everything shiny and new for success. A basic kit list of what should be brought is provided in the joining instructions but for a start a sleeping bag, you are not going above the snowline so a cheap 2 season model is fine, and clothes appropriate for the season and weather. A bucket of enthusiasm and determination helps too. A note, we aren't going to sell you anything other than knowledge, we don't run a shop but will signpost you to whatever you think you might need when you think you need it.

Every cycle starts with a taster weekend where we invite prospective students to come and have a look and decide which course they'd like to attend, if any. Information packs are provided with costs and timetables and we proceed from there.

We get asked why we don't teach Forest School since we are all qualified. It's simple. Once there was only a qualification in Forest School and it's the route everyone went down regardless of how appropriate it was. Now there is a choice. Bushcraft is appropriate, for instance, for teachers and those that have a qualification in education and who don't need to revisit the psychology of what makes Forest School an ethos or how to teach. We teach Bushcraft such that it is a tool in your personal toolkit. How you use it is entirely up to you. Some students will be PGCE students or BA (QTS) who want to take the skills into their future jobs. Others will be office workers who are seeking a life / career change. The Boss did it, the Chief Instructor did it, the Head of Forest School did it, none of them started out doing this but it gives just the right work / life balance and the office is 80000 square metres with no walls or roof. On top of this, the boss insists we travel the World to keep current.

Take a look at our Facebook page, perhaps like it too, and find the taster weekends as events. You can attend Saturday, Sunday or overnight from Saturday to Sunday if you wish.

Some students are already avid wild campers or hammock hangers but for those that aren't we have 45 beds in converted shipping containers. Some students are already gifted BBQ pit bosses but for those that aren't the instructors will ensure you are fed and watered several times a day. What about toilets? We have those, they are high end Biolan separating compost toilets designed and used in Finland. There is electricity and the fridge and boilers are always on for times when we need to just escape back to normality.