Holiday Activities

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Every school holiday we open our woodland to provide the following activities for families, unaccompanied children and adults.

Woodentots holiday activities are aimed at existing Woodentots and prospective Woodentots wanting a taster before deciding whether to sign up for the next term. This is exclusively for parents and their preschool children. Parents can bring older children if they wish to these hour long sessions but no specific provision is made for them. Some older children who know the Bushcraft instructors will be able to sneak off and join in with them for the duration of the Woodentots session. Click here for more information. Click here to book.

Family day activities are aimed at families, not un-related groups, and are an opportunity to spend a bit of time together, away from the world, participating in simple, natural activities. We have nature detectives, simple orienteering, building, camp fires and seasonal foraging. These run as morning, afternoon or all day sessions. Click here for more information. Click here to book.

Bushcraft Basecamp sessions for boys and girls aged 8 to 14 run within normal school day times with the opportunity to wrap around before and afterwards if required. The aim is to teach real world skills rather than just demonstrate and do everything for the children. These days are designed to come together over an extended period with awards given for achievement. It's not Scouts or Guides, although, there is no harm is augmenting the skills taught by those groups, here. If children achieve a degree of competence they are awarded a mage band. Blue for tools, orange for fire and green for bushcraft skills. They are not easy and aren't awarded as the result of a single day visit. Click here for more information. Click here to book.

Adults sessions run from 1800 until 2100 weekday evenings and are designed as a getaway. The original concept grew from Woodentots parents who wanted to come out and play by themselves so we made a timeslot that is as flexible as it needs to be. Some come and whittle with others, making spoons, try sticks, camp fire implements. Some come and do their fitness regime around our track and then chill by the fire. Some want to pursue the formal Ofqual courses we teach. It's not like night school, it can be, but come if you like, don't if you have something more important on. We are just out playing so come and join us if you have time. Click here for more information. Click here to book.

Family camps are lead events where you stretch as much or as little as you want to. Some families camp in the escape pods for the duration, some dig in and build homes, some like tents and some like to hang between the trees, We do a conversion course for those who think they want to ditch their tent and hang in the trees. All cooking is done on open fires and the aim is to bring as little as possible with you. We accommodate 5 families at a time. Click here for more information. Click here to book.

Children's overnight camps are lead camps for those who have attained the first three mage bands and whose parents have attended an orientation session with them one evening. A degree of resilience is required for a child to attend these as, although there will be a high ratio of staff on hand, the children do need to sort things out for themselves. We can accommodate 12 children at a time. Click here for more information. Click here to book.

Pop Up events are exactly that. If something is happening and it might be interesting then we pop it up. It's usually when we need to do a bit of staff CPD, training or just fancy a bit of company. Click here for more information and booking.