2018 Bushcraft Basecamp

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This Summer we will be running our Holiday Club for unattended children aged 8 to 14 from week commencing 30th July until week commencing 27 August inclusive . The aim is to teach fundamental skills such as knots and lashings, safe and respectful knife work and safe fire use whilst incorporating them into what we believe is a fun and immersive journey into Bushcraft. The headline cost of £20 per day is for a single child attending a single day between 09:00 and 15:30. There are discounts for siblings and multi day bookings and we are able to offer wrap-around extensions.  All staff are fully insured have enhanced DBS disclosures. All staff are L3 FS Qualified, hold at least IOL BCC and have served in HM Armed Forces all over the World.


Week 1 : Monday 30th Jul, Tuesday 31st July, Wednesday 1st Aug. No session on Thursday 2nd August due to a client booking the whole site and all instructors.

Week 2: Monday 6th August, Tuesday 7th August, Wednesday 8th August, Thursday 9th August.

Week 3: Monday 13th August, Tuesday 14th August, Wednesday 15th August, Thursday 16th August.

Week 4: Monday 20th August, Tuesday 21st August, Wednesday 22nd August, Thursday 23rd August.

Week 5: Tuesday 28th August, Wednesday 29th August, Thursday 30th August. No session on Monday 27th August due to a client booking the whole site and all instructors.

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Bushcraft Awards

At this age we are not permitted to enter attendees for the award of either of the formal qualifications although most attendees will be able to fulfil most of the requirements of L1 and perhaps L2. What we have chosen to do is reward those who get very close with a Mage band. These are derived from IAMs and allow us to track and reward progress at a local level so that when a child is old enough and if they wish to try for a qualification we can jump start their learning journey.

The blue Tool Mage band is for competent and respectful use of knives, saws and loppers. This is likely to take 3 sessions to achieve.

The orange Fire Mage band is for competent and respectful creation and management of fire to achieve several different outcomes. This is likely to take 3 sessions to achieve.

The green Bush Mage band is for holding the Blue and Orange band and completing a set of tasks that ends with a shelter. This is likely to take 3 sessions to achieve.

Once the Green Mage band has been awarded children will be invited to attend weekend workshops to build up to the Mage of Mages band, a black double cobra bracelet which will show that they have worked up to spending 24 hours working on their own, in a course of 10 to 12 children, to create a camp and cook lunch, dinner and breakfast along with hot and cold drinks as required. They will sleep in what they build. They will always have the ability to tap out of any task that is beyond them and can sleep in the escape pods. However, tapping out precludes the awarding of the band.